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  • Kathleen Knapp

Hunting Log Cabin Restoration

Not only does Ed (my father) build furniture, he's also extensively renovated homes in the past. I can just barely remember the house in Watertown that we grew up in having green indoor/outdoor carpeting in the living room. While we were too little at the time to help correct that eyefull, it's an example of one of the many "projects" that my mom, brother and sisters would help Dad out with over the years.

Dad's current venture is renovating an old hunting cabin on the property my parents bought to build their current home. Before recent improvements, this cabin was extremely dark and wood was splintering. My brother, Eddie, helped Dad put on a new metal roof. Since then here is what has taken place...

"The log walls have been blasted with corn media (ground up corn seeds) to clean the logs. I installed the pine panelling on the gable ends."

"I also installed the large elliptical window [that was repurposed from unused building materials] on the west side of the cabin."

"Now I need to polyurethane everything and install pine paneling on the ceiling. I also need to get the hearth area ready for the wood stove."

Please check back for more updates!

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